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When one thinks of Peter Dominick, the first thing that they connect him with is Disney World. The two famous names go hand in hand as Peter is an architect who helped bring many of Disney’s dreams to life. He had a knack for animation and visualizing what others could not. The skill set and passion he obtained had always revolved around projects for a younger market. He thought outside the box when it came to his projects, and was consistently determined to overcome the obstacles that were put in front of him. These qualities and traits made him an ideal match for assisting Disney in the making of their famous theme parks Disney World and Magic Kingdom. Peter Dominick is most famous for his creation of the Wilderness Lodge, Animal Kingdom Lodge, the Grand California Hotel, The Platte River Road Monument, and minimal development of residential areas. The Wilderness Lodge is located in Disney World, Orlando Florida. This creation consists of an old-wood timber theme. The six story high wood columns, an elaborate lobby that is made up of almost all wood, 55 foot high totem poles, and incorporating vast detail into every piece of the hotel, were some of his creative ideas that went into the lodge. This lodge resulted in him getting significantly noticed by large companies and by the public. The incredible response that came about prior to the lodge opening, marked the peak of his career. Next came the Animal Kingdom Lodge in the Magic Kingdom theme park. This African themed Lodge drew the attention of a new market due to the rare concept of the building. The African design used throughout the Lodge required countless eccentric detail and attention and Dominick could only offer. The Grand California Hotel in Downtown Disney, Californ... ... middle of paper ... ...transform rural areas into urban ones; and that is exactly what he did. He did vast transformations and now had another large accomplishment to be known for. Peter’s international traveling experiences are what I believe to have carried him through his career. Though he attended two great Universities, he got his best education from the real world experiences he obtained through travel. Peter grew up as a small town boy who had a passion for outdoors. By traveling, he was able to find his true style and colors; those aspects are what guided him through his 40 year career as an impactful and memorable architect. At age 67, he tragically passed away from a heart attack while cross country skiing in January of 2009. Though he left the earth that day, he left doing something he loved. And what he left behind was far more vast than any of his monumental creations.

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