An Essay About Love

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At some point, every man wants to be with a partner that he can love. A man wants someone who is compatible with him and shares his likes and dislikes. A man wants someone he can love, someone he can care for, and someone he can build a lifelong friendship of loyalty and trust. Some men wait a lifetime to meet their partner, but I was one of those lucky guys. I did not wait a lifetime. I only waited seventeen years before I met the young lady that is the love of my life. She is my friend first, and my companion second. No one knows the secrets I have told her, and I hold the secrets that she entrusted with me dearly. Of course, one may think that I am so young and yet I have such strong feelings. To understand the emotions that I have developed for this young lady, one must know the story behind the scenes. On January 15, 2007, the Annual Battle of the Border, an event similar to a basketball tournament, was held at the Mississippi State Fairgrounds at the coliseum. I first met her at the coliseum. I was there with my friends and she was there with her friends. We were both there to watch the multiple basketball games. She came along with her friends while I was there with my teammates supporting my school. Her school’s team was one of the teams playing that day. Eventually, my friends and I decided to walk around because our team was not playing yet. That’s when I saw her. She and her friends were at the concession stand getting some popcorn and drinks. She was standing alone like in a movie just looking as pretty as she wanted to be. I caught her eye. Once I knew that she had noticed me I spoke to her and joked around with her to get her attention and started a conversation. When her friends were done getting their food a... ... middle of paper ... ...her little cousins that she was babysitting came and told her someone was at the door. So that is when she finally came and answered the door. She jumped with excitement and hugged me like we had not seen each other in years. Just as she was happy to see me, I was happy to see her as well. When I got ready to leave for Texas, she cried on my shoulder because I had another month to be out there in Texas running. I hated that I had to leave but I was ready to go back and run. Well I ended up having a pretty good season. After that month was up I was so glad to be home. My mother came and picked me up from the airport that Monday. That weekend I went out there to see her and it was like we had just met all over again. We spent just about every day together before it was time for her to go back to school. From then on we never separated from each other for that long.

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