An Essay About Leonardo Da Vinci

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Leonardo Da Vinci was both an artist and a scientist. He was creative, imaginative, and curious. He was a “genius”; his genius was a human one, crafted out of his own will and hard work. Leonardo Da Vinci was born out of wedlock on April 15, 1452, in the town of Vinci as an illegitimate son. He was born of Caterina Lippi and Piero Da Vinci. Until Leonardo was twelve, his life was quite normal due to the fact that he lived with his grandparents and uncle in Vinci. Because his stepmother (Alberia) died in childbirth, his father brought him to Florence. Even though he had no formal education he exceled in math and science. By the time Leonardo was fourteen, his father had landed him an apprenticeship with Andrea Del Verrocchio, an artist who ran…show more content…
Leonardo’s first work of art is assumed to be a shield painted with a dragon using lizards and insects as paradigms. Leonardo learned to paint and draw realistic folds while also mastering the art of blurring contours and edges. At the age of twenty, especially in the period of time when he moves to Milan, Leonardo devises costumes, machinery, stage effects, and more. This period was an enjoyable way for him to combine his interests and develop his personality. While working as a master painter, Leonardo collaborates with Verrocchio on paintings such as “Tobias and the angel” and “Baptism of Christ” to prove what he has learned and how he has surpassed Verrocchio. In addition to these works, he also paints multiple other paintings by himself such as “The Madonna” and “Ginerva de’ Benci”. On April 1476, when Leonardo was 24, he was accused of engaging in sodomy with a male prostitute. The allegation put him in jail before the crime was dropped. Leonardo was attracted to men and unlike other people in his time, he seemed to accept it. By the age of thirty, Leonardo knew what it was like to be regarded as…show more content…
He lands a job designing a statue in Milan while attempting to learn Latin. In 1482 and 1492 respectively, Leonardo paints “The virgin of the rocks” and “The last supper”. In 1497, Leonardo’s Mother dies from malaria and He decides to move back to Florence Mantua after eighteen years in Milan. Leonardo soon starts architecture and is sent to join the army in 1503. Leonardo was soon called back to paint a mural alongside Michelangelo, who he did not like that much. However, both painters later abandoned their murals and went separate ways. Leonardo met another young man whose name was Francesco Melzi and regarded him as his own son. Leonardo begins painting the “Mona Lisa” in 1503 and by the end of 1508, Leonardo once again returned to Milan. During 1508 to 1513, Leonardo mainly focused on anatomy and dissection while also studying the body of the earth. By combining his studies, Leonardo writes multiple books including the Codex Leicester. Leonardo became curious in Astronomy and planned to write a treatise on it, but he never did. In September of 1513, Leonardo left for Rome. In Rome, Leonardo designed machines to drain marshes but had foul moods and had a lack of artistic
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