An Essay About Individuality

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What is life to you? This is probably easy to answer but the harder question is how do you want to live it? I believe that many people will have a hard time answering this question. However, I do know how I want to live my life. I think that people shouldn't live in the shadows of someone else but should follow their own beliefs. However, people still have trouble figuring out who they are and have a harder time embracing it once they do. I believe that the oddities, frustrations, and imperfections in people make them truly unique and beautiful. I believe in individuality and I think it is the most valuable gift in life. I believe in individuality because it's a way for people to express themselves and everyone should be entitled to their own opinions because sharing these new ideas gives the world a new perspective and brings a new light and innovation. Unfortunately, individuality comes with a cost. People can take a path where they conform. A path where they are promised to be accepted and where problems are nonexistent. Or they can take a path where they can mold themselves into...
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