An Essay About Charles Dickens

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Charles Dickens Joshua Lee Valencia High School 2 December 2017 Charles Dickens is the author of many well-known classics such as A Tale of Two Cities, Bleak House, Great Expectations, and David Copperfield, but he was a man of humble beginnings. Dickens was born on February 7, 1812 in Portsmouth, England as the second of eight children. Though they had high aspirations for success, Dickens’ family remained poor, and his father was even imprisoned for debt. When Dickens’ entire family was sent to work in a downshodden boot-blacking factory, he felt that he had lost “his youthful innocence… betrayed by the adults who were supposed to take care of him. These sentiments would later become a recurring theme in his writing”( This life did not last long, as he was soon able to return home, after his parents paid off his debts. However, he was forced to quit school once again and began working as an office boy, launching his literary career. Shortly after being hired, Dickens was “reporting for two major London newspapers” ( While working as a publisher, Dickens wrote little excerpts or sketches, as they were called, which were compiled to create his first book, Sketches by Boz. While he was working for a periodical, Bentley’s Miscellany, Charles Dickens began writing and publishing his first novel, Oliver Twist, as monthly episodes which he promoted in his periodical and other periodicals he published. This novel was inspired by how Dickens felt as an impoverished child forced to get by on his own wits and earn his own keep”( Oliver Twist was an extremely successful novel, making Dickens very popular and the world’s first celebrity. This gave him the rare opportunity ... ... middle of paper ... ...heir lifetime, Dickens was known all around the world. His life largely mirrors that of David Copperfield, such as the rough childhood, which makes it one of Dickens’ favorite books. Through his writing, he skillfull advocated for issues in his time, which make his books extremely well-liked and popular until today. Works Cited Bar-Yosef, Eitan. "'It's the Old Story': David and Uriah in II Samuel and David Copperfield." The Modern Language Review 101.4 (2006): 957. Fine Arts and Music Collection. Web. 24 Nov. 2017. "Charles Dickens Biography." A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 24 Nov. 2015. "David Copperfield." Novels for Students. Ed. Ira Mark Milne. Vol. 25. Detroit: Gale, 2007. 83-109. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 24 Nov. 2017. Dickens, Charles, and Radhika Jones. David Copperfield. New York: Barnes & Noble Classics, 2003. Print.
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