An End To Slavery

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The society that became known as the United States had its beginnings when the first English settlers set foot on North American soil. Whether that settler landed in Massachusetts or Virginia, their beginnings on this continent were all influenced by the society that they had left behind. These included many aspects of England's society, culture, economy, and politics. Those societal, cultural, economic and political beginnings can be traced throughout our history in the mindset that both the North and South represented. This migration to a new world set the stage for the culture of slavery that which was not the only cause by any means certainly went a long way toward bringing about the American Civil War. The Massachusetts settlers known as Puritans had left England because of their dislike, one could almost say total hatred, of the established state church. In other words, they were right, and everybody else was wrong. Just to point out one aspect of this attitude, and that it had changed very little by 1692 when accusations that became known as the “Salem Witch Trials” begin. This resulted in 19 people being hanged, mostly because of petty conflicts, or jealousies. To the South such an event would not have happened, simply because that by that time, such activity as witchcraft was not illegal, but the whole attitude in the Southern colonies was also much more relaxed. Many in the North and particularly New England residents have always been known as savvy businessmen, so it was only natural that they would turn to shipping as a way to make a profit. The Southern region, although rich in agriculture was sorely lacking goods that needed to be manufactured, or could not be obtained locally. The Northern trader, although t... ... middle of paper ... ...ssue. The reconstruction that followed the war was a difficult period for the South, and left scars on their society that took generations to heal. Their political power was almost non-existent for years, and the only culture they had ever known was gone forever. The beginnings of both the Northern and Southern societies gave the impetus that began the march toward what became the United States, and all that was promised by its founding. That path gave much to its people, as well as the world, but it was not perfect, as conflicts over beliefs in human chattel slavery marred much of that history particularly in the 19th century. The conflict over slavery was decided once and for all in 1865 with the end of the Civil War. Although sadly it took a long and bloody war to end it, slavery did end although the after effects could be seen long into the 20th century.
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