An Emergency Operations Plan ( Eop )

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Severe storms ranging from Category 1 to Category 4 can be detrimental, especially densely populated areas within the United States. In the past 70 years, there have been a record 30 hurricanes to hit New Jersey, where Snyder and the surrounding cities of Snyder have been affected by heavy rain, strong winds, and torrential storm surges once a hurricane hit landfall. Due to the destruction a hurricane can bring about to a community, it is necessary to assess what damages a hurricane would pose to Snyder and looks for ways to mitigate, prepare, and respond to such an event if Snyder would to be affected by such a storm. Purpose The purpose of an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) prevents or minimizes injury to residents of the community, damage to property and the environment due to the result of a tropical storm. When an EOP is established, it assists with the coordination efforts from both local and State governments because the necessary resources can be utilized for warning, evacuation, and sheltering procedures for those personnel who may be caught within the storm’s path. The planning process for the EOP will involve numerous organizations to ensure the proper measures are implemented correctly. Scope To begin, there should be an established list of tasks and responsibilities for the state of New Jersey and surrounding counties when preparing for and responding to the threat of a tropical storm. In the case of Snyder, there has to be a focus on how Snyder would be affected and what hazards representatives of Snyder should be made aware of. During the planning process, the EOP should address post-landfall operations in accordance with New Jersey’s Emergency Operations Plan. The EOP needs to have detail information regardin... ... middle of paper ... ... with assistance from the State 3. Coordinate with schools and other non-profit organizations to assist with the coordination for shelter use 4. Coordinate with support groups and representatives to aid with manning, providing food, and logistic support during a disaster. Responding to a disaster begins with the current state Snyder has been placed in. Snyder has developed plans, policies, and procedures to respond and recover from severe weather as a hurricane, but with limitations though. If resources were exhausted during the incident, the request for Federal assistance and Federal grants would then come from the Governor’s office to execute. Once the disaster has passed, it would be in Snyder’s best interest to conduct an after action report to discuss what worked and what measures need to be implemented so Snyder is at a state of readiness for the emergency.
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