An Educational Philosophy

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An Educational Philosophy

If the best of us will be teachers and the rest something else, then I hope the best of us will also be students. I believe we are all students and I expect I will learn as much from my students as they will learn from me. I hope more than anything though, that my students will value the simple act of obtaining knowledge more than worrying about getting every graded detail correct. If a student cannot enjoy the learning process, they are not going to truly learn the subject content. There are certainly distinct pieces of knowledge that all students need. Students may not always enjoy absorbing these pieces of knowledge, but hopefully there will be individualized interests that make the process easier. I hope to target the individual wants and needs of my students in order to make the entire learning process as enjoyable as possible.

Education encompasses the most essential parts of life. Knowledge truly is power, especially in this day and age. I think it is the public school systems responsibility to equip its’ students with this power. Public schools need to offer a wide variety of subjects in order to prepare students for what ever they go on to do, whether it be college, work, parenting or any other life situation. With out the power of knowledge, society would be lost and certainly would not be in any position to progress forward or evolve. As a teacher I hope to contribute as much of my own knowledge to my students as possible. ...

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