An Educational Evolution

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An Educational Evolution
As the times change, so does the way we live our daily lives. Our education is also one of the many changes. Life is advancing with the rising era of technology. There are more opportunities available to get an education than times before, like online education. It is now up to the effort of students to succeed. With all the information technology has, we can now have education at the palm of our hands. Traditional education has been the only way students received education years before. With online education, students can go to school at any time and even graduate early while learning at their own pace.
Education is essential to building a solid path towards career goals. Interaction between students and teachers can be a large determinant of how well students learn in classes. Traditional education is needed for students who cannot afford to take online classes or have no access to the internet. Public schools are part of traditional education and are free of charge. Without public schools, many students would not learn how to read, write, or do basic math problems (Wile). Public schools offer many extracurricular activities and programs, like sports, for free (Wile). Teachers can form bonds with students and teach them life lessons (Saptono). In traditional classrooms, students socialize with their peers and learn at the same time (Saptono). They can also teach students how to be punctual and organized.
With traditional education, students have primary focus on their teachers, they are effortful, academically responsible, and stay focused (Chandler et al.). These advantages of classroom education benefit when applied to the working world and daily life. Conventional education allows students to ...

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