An Avid Board Game Player

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With the invention of virtual entertainment the everyday interactions between individuals have been dwindling. The availability of instant fun has taken human interaction to the possible minimum in people’s daily activities. In the small growing community of board game players this social norm has not taken hold. With taking a firsthand view at this community we can better understand its ability to stand the test of time, and still grow even when faced with the fast paced virtual world. To better understand this it imperative to take a look into the mid of an avid board game player. Comparing this with the knowledge of the culture that I have experienced will give me a view of this mysterious phenomenon. This led me to set up a personal interview with a diehard Magic the Gathering player to discuss what draws him to playing card games, and if he enjoys these games more than virtual gaming. When visiting the Tucson Game and Gadgets gaming store I met a Magic the Gathering card game player named Sean. We first met on a Saturday at the gaming store when I was looking for someone to explain the rule of this game to myself. I approached him at the counter of the store where he was looking at different types of cards through the glass. I introduced myself and asked him if he would be interested in participating in an interview for my school project. He agreed to meet me the next Saturday at 11 am at Tucson Game and Gadgets location. Sean is a six foot tall lanky individual whose passion about the game seemed made him a perfect candidate to explain the root of the gaming experience to me. I decided to meet him at the gaming store for our interview because of the convenience to the both of us. Sean arrived looking like the average gam... ... middle of paper ... ...terview with Sean allowed me to learn new information on table top gaming, and also confirmed some prior assumptions. Sitting down with Sean taught me that the gaming community is vital to the nearby college student social health. Also, that this culture is not only limited to only card games. There are many types of different games, and people who enjoy playing them. The idea that the culture is growing was confirmed by observations, and my interview with Sean. This can be explained by the enjoyment of playing these games which I had a chance to experience firsthand. As I have learned through literary research the sense of community is very important to the board gaming culture, and trumps the need to even win the game (Gobet). With not winning many game against Sean I can safely say that the sense of community is definitely essential to the future of table gaming.
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