An Attempt At Understanding Dreams

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An Attempt At Understanding Dreams A few months ago I watched a movie called “The Candyman”. It was a horror movie about this psychotic woman who massacres people around her but has no idea what she's doing. An imaginary creature called “The Candyman” is appearing to her and talking to her, and she actually thinks that he's the one who is doing the murdering. Anyway, it was a scary movie and I had a bit of fun freaking out my mother that night by telling her that “The Candyman” will appear to her in her dreams (although I didn't think about the consequences if he really appeared to her and she killed all of us while we were sleeping!). Fortunately for my mother (and the rest of us), she didn't dream about him that night. A few weeks later, I did, though! However, I didn't get very scared in my dream because thanks to a certain technique that I developed a few years ago, I can somehow avoid any dangers in my dreams by knowing that I'm dreaming and that nothing bad can happen to me. This helped me in a lot of annoying dreams before because when I'm in trouble I sometimes just “fly away” in certain situations in the dream or I just ignore it and tell the bad guy that he can't hurt me because I know it's just a dream. I have no idea until today how I'm able to do that, but it really makes me wonder. I also don't know why I had that dream a few weeks after the movie and not the same night I watched it, especially that I had completely forgotten about it until the night of the dream, at least consciously. Anyway, I decided to use the chance of having to write a paper for Psychology 201 and I almost instantly knew that I was going to explore the world of dreams and the process of dreaming. Before I go any further though, I think I know from the start that no matter how much material I gather or people I interview, I will not be able to explain the process of dreaming because I believe that it is so complex and mysterious that no man can claim to really understand it. The maximum that I wish to achieve is just to admire this incredible phenomenon and to at least try to clarify some of the little details surrounding it. Some questions come to my mind immediately when I think about dreams: What causes dreams? Does everybody dream? Do dreams have significant meanings in reality? Why do some dreams seem so weird and out of ... ... middle of paper ... ...echnology. The main problem is the great diversity of the issue and the difficulty of conducting physical experiments and analysis on such a phenomenon. It is a phenomenon that defies the laws of physics and society, and the limits of dreams are stretched as far as the human imagination goes. The best we can do is to give limited explanations that we think might work with us, but the true secrets of dreaming will never be uncovered. We can just share our dreams and try to understand some events that happen to dreamers all around the world, which makes us appreciate dreams more and more. Works Cited Abdel Hamid, Ranya, 22 yrs., Mechanical Engineering major at State University. Aristotle, “On Dreams”, 350 B.C. Atkinson, Rita L., “Introduction To Psychology”, 1993. Dreams Interpretation Services & Resources, “ ~suler/dreams.html”, 1996. Farrag, Mariam, 20 yrs., Political Science major at State University. Ghaleb, Teymour, 23 yrs., Marketing Analyst at Daewoo Co. Hassan, Farouk, Dr., Practicing Psychiatrist. Rafik, Nadine, 17 yrs., student at State University. Shawky, Safinaz, 21 yrs., Economics major at State University.

In this essay, the author

  • Believes that it is so complex and mysterious that no man can claim to really know it.
  • Asks why some dreams seem so weird and out of touch with reality?
  • Explains that they decided to try to answer at least some of these questions.
  • Narrates how safy bought her a 50 kg watermelon and cut it in.
  • Opines that safy's grandmother died when she was 4 years old.
  • Narrates how she became aware of it after telling her mother about the dream.
  • Opines that we have no access to it until it suddenly presents itself in one of our lives.
  • Describes how the cow chased them in a dark, long alley where there was no exit.
  • Opines that dreams such as this are off the subject now.
  • Opines that they dream of being turned down by the girl they like, failing a course, loosing.
  • Narrates how she can't go to where her father wants to take her yet.
  • Opines that the dead person is actually trying to contact the deceased person.
  • Narrates how the man dreams of falling down from a high cliff, but wakes up before he does.
  • Opines that they don't know if it's because the ones i asked shared their dreams with them.
  • Narrates their experience with a psychiatrist by the name of dr. farouk hassan.
  • Opines that dr. hassan told them that there are two extremes as to the actual cause of the disease.
  • Explains that during rem sleep, the brain is very active but isolated from the rest of the body.
  • Explains that brain stems drive the brain and fool it into thinking that the motor operates.
  • Opines that it is up to the individual and we cannot generalize.
  • Explains that each human being has a dream.
  • Opines that there are certain thoughts that occupy the mind.
  • Opines that a person should face soon. as for the case of the person dreaming of he is.
  • Explains that they can't be harmed because they are dreaming, so they just relax in the dream.
  • Opines that by always trying to test the reality of the dream, and by testing the reality of dream.
  • Argues that people would argue that it is nicer to just experience the dream as it comes.
  • Describes three of them to attach with this paper. one is about the dream of being chased.
  • Describes the reasons for being unprepared for an exam, which their mother often gets.
  • Opines that aristotle's dream was made as early as 350 b.c.
  • Opines that the best we can do is to limit the human imagination.
  • Opines that dreams will never be uncovered. we can just share our dreams and try to understand some.
  • Opines that it was a scary movie and they had fun.
  • Narrates how they developed a technique to avoid dangers in their dreams by knowing they're dreaming and that nothing bad can happen to them.
  • Opines that they don't know why they had that dream a few weeks after the movie and not the same night they watched it.
  • Explains that they knew they were going to explore the world of dreams and the process of dreaming.
  • Narrates safinaz's dream that she was a young girl and saw another girl eating watermelon, so she asked her to give her one.
  • Narrates how mahmoud, who was taking a summer course at ucla at the time, went to santa barbara for the trip.
  • Opines that mahmoud and i decided to go to alexandria for a day, again without him telling her, and the tire exploded on the way and we almost died!
  • Predicts their future by setting up a certain scenario that takes place in their dreams. their mother keeps dreaming up to this day that she is sitting in the classroom taking an exam.
  • Illustrates how nadine, whose father has died five years ago, had a dream where her father appeared to her and wanted to take her with him somewhere.
  • Analyzes dr. mahmoud's theory that when someone dreams that he is falling down, it is in reality his spirit trying to escape from his body or in other words, that person is dying.
  • Narrates how they interviewed dr. hassan, a neighbor of theirs, and went to his villa with certain questions and goals in mind.
  • Explains that rem sleep occurs up to 30 times in one night, and their periods become longer as the night progresses.
  • Narrates how they asked dr. hassan if dreams can predict the future, and he told them that this has been reported.
  • Explains the brain's functions in the first stage of sleep. the heart rate goes down, the breathing slows, and it might interpret this as the body dying.
  • Explains that to get rid of nightmares is a very difficult issue, because it depends on the dreamer and the type
  • Opines that the more they learn about dr. hassan's issue, the greater they realize how huge and complex it is.
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