An Analysis of the Relationship between Theory and Practice in Nursing Assessment in the Delivery of Patient-Centred Care

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In this essay I will be exploring the relationship between nursing theory and practice in patient assessment. I will analyse the activities of daily living section (Appendix 1) of the combined nursing assessment tool and look at how it facilitates patient centred care. I decided to focus my essay on this after working on a ward on placement where it was routine to complete a Combined Nursing Assessment within four hours of any patient arriving onto the ward. For this essay I will be using the Gibbs (1998) cycle of reflection. In accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (2008) I will use the pseudonym Patient A, to protect the identity and confidentiality of the patient.

What happened?

Patient A was a male gentleman in his forties with autism. Autism is defined as developmental disability affecting how a person communicates. It also causes differences in the way a person relates to and understands other people (The National Autistic Society, 2013). He had been admitted onto the ward, scheduled for day surgery and was to return home the same day. He was due to have a small surgical biopsy on his left ear. He arrived onto the ward with his parents and carer. I was asked to complete a preoperative checklist and a combined nursing assessment with the patient. This was challenging as Patient A was wearing large headphones and found communicating with people difficult. The headphones where worn to stop Patient A from hitting his ears. Due to his Autism, this had been the way he had communicated with his carer that he was in pain and the problem with his ear had been diagnosed. I introduced myself to the patient and his family and carer and explained the assessment. I then asked for consent to complete the assessment with Pati...

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