An Analysis of the Medicare Reform Package

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This research essay will evaluate and judge the proposed $917 million Medicare reform package that is being put forward by the Minister for Health Kay Patterson and Prime Minister John Howard. It is my opinion that the Medicare reform package is not fair to the Australian public and that John Howard has allowed personal vendettas to interrupt his job. The Reform Package will be assessed on the three following criteria. • The First Criterion: Is the Package equitable for the battlers? • The Second Criteria: Is the Package helping the rural areas of Australia? • The Third Criteria: Does the Package help the Middle class Australians? The First Criterion: Is the Package equitable for the battlers? Any political reform agenda that involves the area of health that is bought forward by the government will need to be particularly scrutinized for its equity. Medicare plays such a vital role in the Australian society and to Australian's wellbeing that we cannot allow preferential treatment being handed out to those in differing levels of income. The battlers of Australia need to be particularly looked after as they are going to be the ones that suffer come price hikes and taxes. The poor, disabled and elderly in our society will be the ones in need of most medical attention as is the nature of there position. Another risk that could come from the Package is the development of a two tiered healthcare system much like the privatized American Healthcare System. We do not want to follow in there twin tiered footsteps. John Howard's Coalition Government must not shirk on there responsibility to be fair to the poor if they wish to get the package through the Senate. Judging the Package against the First C... ... middle of paper ... ...the out of pocket expenses as best as they can. In reality, the longer term fear will be, as the Sydney Morning Herald states, that Medicare becomes essentially a safety net for the most needy in effect a two tier system with declining levels of services to the poorest community. After judging the proposed package against my 3 criterion, it slowly but surly becomes evident that the package is all positive on face value but, unfortunately, a look beneath the surface reveals that there is going to be a significant number of Australians being worse off and whose medical care is going to be jeopardized. This plan has failed to live up to its equitable terms and is attempting to completely change what was once an efficient and equitable universal health care policy. AMA spokesman Dave Rivett sums up the package very simply, "I don't think it's going to work."
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