An Analysis of the Global Poverty

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Poverty has been a recurring issue for humans all throughout history and continues to be a problem today. Extreme or absolute poverty can be defined as an individual’s inability to supply the basic human needs for life. Currently, twenty-one percent of the developing world lives on less than two US dollars and fifty cents a day (The World Bank), however, the world poverty line is set at one US dollar and twenty-five cents. There is not one specific thing causing poverty to continuously push and shape the actions and lives of people from the beginning of history all the way up until now. Poverty develops because of a great number and mixture of factors including overpopulation, lack of education, environmental problems, and political problems, among other things. Cases of poverty can be found everywhere in the world, but most substantially in developing nations in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Countries that undergo extreme incidences of poverty will likely experience mass emigration, greater risk of war, and great dependency on richer nations which results in high debt. The people living in these countries with much poverty will experience famine and malnutrition, no proper healthcare, difficulty in ability to afford suitable shelter, and higher mortality rates. The world has seen a decrease in amounts of poverty in the last decade, but there is still much improvement to be done. There are things that people can do in everyday life to continue this trend, however, major changes need to be made in the way distribution and use of materials and finances is made.

It is assumed that living in poverty simply means having no money. Absolute poverty is defined as an individual’s inability to supply or have access to the basic hum...

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