An Analysis of Plato's Republic

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Explain the passage’s meaning in context.
Societies hold value in the respect and virtuous abilities over others often times put justice on a pedestal and hold tight to it. In the eyes of Socrates is Plato’s Republic, Book VI he states that “In a suitable one [constitution], his [a philosopher's] own growth will be fuller and he will save the community as well as himself” (PlatoRepublic”, p. 177, 497a). When you break it down this quote means when abiding by the laws held by the community each man must try to pursue the most virtuous version of themselves. However, being only a “suitable constitution” (Plato “Republic”, p. 177, 497a) there is no true way to become completely virtuous. However, it describes that all men have the ability to try. This notion carries on to describe that said acts will have great purpose among one’s peers. One mans’ betterment can affect not only himself but also the imperfect justice system of the community in great ways.
Demonstrate how the passage relates to main ideas in the chapter
The main idea of this chapter is arguing that the justice and governing of a society is imperfect no matter who does so. Socrates uses an analogy of a ship to define why this is a true statement on page 172 section 488 a-e in Plato’s “Republic” while relating to the precious metals of the soul in book 3 of the republic. A summary of this section revels that leaders who are born of gold are the ship’s captain, those of silver are navigators, and last iron and bronze are the crew. However, each position has its down fall in the aspects of the people who fill that spot. The gold group of ship captains has the ability to lead but does not have the insight to do so. Ship captains traits are quoted as being “tall and stro...

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...stitution], his [a philosopher's] own growth will be fuller and he will save the community as well as himself” (Plato “Republic”, p. 177, 497a) is so important. To say working toward a common goal would be true, in the sense, on the quoted text. This highlights toward the main idea of betterment of community and self. However, the biggest thing you can learn from this is that justice is not perfect nor can it ever be. Justice is a constantly evolving, and highly adaptive medium that law abiding citizens are constantly striving for. I say this because being defined as suitable only allows it to cove circumstances well defined by the law, but there are an infinite number of grey areas as the human nature changes. Even though the justice system will never be actually perfect in all situations we can adapt it over the years through learning and betterment of one’s self.
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