An Analysis of Pay Ineqyality for Women During 1963-1974

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Interest groups serve as a vital connection between Public Opinion, Congress, and the Executive branch. The Progressive, Cato Institute, and The American Enterprise Institute are different interest groups that go about changing public policies in similar ways. The interest groups may have different ideals but in the end they all have the same function, which is to promote their selfish ideas of the truth. The Progressive interest group (PIG) advocates for peace, social and economic justice, civil rights, civil liberties, human rights, and the environment. PIG is also an advocate against militarism, and the concentration of power in the government. PIG tends to take a liberal standpoint on most issues. For example, PIGs position on collective bargaining. PIG believes that collective bargaining is a human right and should not be taken away from workers in Wisconsin. PIG takes these positions on issues because of the constituents they care about. The PIG advocates for underrepresented populations and communities. For example, they care about the poor, students, teachers and minorities, such as women, African Americans and Latinos. PIGs prescribed role for government is that the government takes care of constituents such as the poor, minorities, and low skilled workers. The group also wants the government to protect social programs, and spend more money on education. The PIG would advocate for programs like Medicaid. Medicaid is a health program that helps low income families and individuals receive health care. PIG advocates for programs like Medicaid because the programs take care of the poor. PIG argues in many ways. They argue quantitatively, through case study, and through expert opinion. An example of how they...

... middle of paper ... 8)” AEI uses Shrinks expert opinion to illustrate why China is so involved with countries like Sudan and Iran. AEIs prescribed role for government is for government to take care of its constituents. AEI advocates for the government not to tax the rich and to get rid of things like federal regulations in the economic market. They would also advocate for the government to get rid of expensive federal benefit programs. AEI would get along with interest groups like the National Review, Cato Institute, and The American Conservative Union because they all share some of the similar values or prescribed role for government. In conclusion this analysis shows that while Interest groups advocate for their different prescribed roles for government they go about influencing public opinion in the same way. They also more or less argue using the same types of methods.

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