An Analysis of Financial Statement of Mandya Milk Union Limited

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Introduction: Milk dairying has been a part of agriculture for thousands of years, but historically, it was usually done on a small millions of small scale on mixed farms, millions of small scale farmers and landless agriculture are farmers playing a vital role in making success of the dairy co- operative sector in India. Developed dairying in the year 1850 in USA seen as the dividing between farms and factory scale product. Milk is produced from the farmer or milk producer procured processed and marked customer or consumers in the cities. Since the milk purchased from farmers or milk producers who lived in rural places of the districts their by the economic conditions of the farmers are evaluated Meaning of financial statement: Financial statement is the summrerized of ledger accounts organized in such a manner as to show the profit or loss of business for the accounting year and the financial position of the business at the end of the accounting year. Financial statement helps the management to assess the performance or progress of the concern and to decide upon the course of action to be taken in future. Financial statement is generally referred to two statements viz... a. Income statements or profit or loss account. b. Position statement or balance sheet. Definition of financial statements: a) Financial statement is concerned with the recording of business transactions in a set of books and the periodic presentations of the financial data recorded in the books of accounts through financial statements like the profit and loss account and balance sheet, to outsiders like creditors, shareholders, employees etc. b) Financial statements are recording of revenues or income and expenses and assets and liabilities... ... middle of paper ... ...ormation related to the Milk industry is derived from various sources like articles, journals, periodicals, newspapers etc. The collected secondary data sources analyze effectively, to find out the problems and apply suitable method to evaluate the problem. Research design: In order to analyze the financial statements. Ratio analysis, comparative and common size, ternd analysis are used and to adopt the Statistical techniques. Period of the study: The proposed study covers five years of financial statement the period of 2006-07 to 2011-12. Limitations of the study: The assess financial statements of MANMUL study based on the secondary data, the study must be limited to the accuracy of the given information. Chapter Scheme: 1. Introduction. 2. Research design. 3. Company profile. 4. Financial performance analysis of MANMUL. 5. Conclusion.

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