An Analysis of Another Delay in Health Law’s Employer Requirements by Ricardo Alonso

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What was the article about? These days’ people are inundated with so many new laws and policy changes regarding healthcare. One of utmost importance is the Affordable Healthcare Act. It has recently become a very important topic of much debate and controversy nationwide. It is an issue that will affect millions of Americans. There are so many questions that have come into play regarding how these new laws not only affect employers, but how they will affect people in general. In the article, “Another delay in Health Law’s Employer requirements”, by Ricardo Alonso, the author makes some interesting points in regards to the healthcare system. First of all, there have been many controversial articles, ads, media reports about healthcare. The coverage becomes so redundant that the idea of supporting the Affordable Health Care Act begins to have a negative connotation. For example, according to the article, “Republicans trying to take control of the Senate in the November elections have once again made President Barrack Obama’s healthcare law their top issue, casting it as a job killer”. Fortunately, we can argue that the biggest downfall is not the Affordable Health Care Act itself, but the lack of education behind it. Our stance should not rely on too many unsupported generalizations. Therefore, the author is misrepresenting the outcome the Affordable Health Care Act would have on both employers and employees. Second of all, the fact is that there have been several obstacles that have hindered the Affordable Health Care Act’s progression, such as technical and enrollment issues. Some of these issues have caused much confusion for people in general because it entails many different facets that people may not be famili... ... middle of paper ... ...i, D-Calif”. There are many employers who would rather cut their payroll then to provide health care insurance for their employees. This poses a critical flaw in our society. Therefore, the participation of employers is essential in providing both employment and healthcare for their employees. In conclusion, there are many companies that are unclear about the new laws and policies that are associated with the Affordable Health Care Act. Many have taken center-stage and will be used as some of the biggest challenges against the policy. In order to move forward, people will need to be proactive and increasing the awareness that is associated with health insurance. Ultimately, it is not only a health issue but it is a critical societal issue that needs to be addressed and dealt with. Affordable Health Care Act can be monumental contribution to society.

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