An Analysis of An Adolescence

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A child growing into the between stage is a time of trials. No matter your social stance in the economy/world. Rich or poor, considered good-looking or named ugly; it is the same for every one. However, the certain stage in which a person goes through is different. This is a unique capability of the human thought, opinion, feeling, and body. The undeveloped human is a beautiful sight; different identity diffusions trying to cohabitate with the young teenager. Four major components according to Erikson are explanations for identity diffusion: intimacy, diffusion of time perspective, diffusion of industry, and negative identity. First, when intimacy becomes a confused and almost uncomfortable feeling to a child. Adolescence is the ‘between’ stage—child and adult. When a person is growing and developing their opinion and process of thoughts. Intimacy for a young adult is separated into two typical branches. One is excited for touch and close commitment with interpersonal relationships; the other is shy of involvement because of possible loss or fear of being trapped. A relationship between people is strained when there is still a gap for personal development. Although, when there is mutual trust and care, the relationship is beneficial to a growing child. Second, diffusion of time perspective is the struggle for a young adult to manage time efficiently or plan for the future. A partial reason for this awkward and unbalanced management is their dance with childish innocence. It is a constant whirlwind with the thoughts of a child and an adult. However, depending on your placement of this stage of development; there could have been the possibility of an already planned future. The best and most practical image for this stage is a pup... ... middle of paper ... ...rfect safety net. If I was deeply hurt, there would be a story to replace the hurt. Reading books, particularly fictional, enabled my heart to travel into a different world and not become broken. My beliefs as an adolescent were wild and uncontainable. Although, I appeared as a reserved child; it was the constant whirling of my mind in which labeled me as different. Being a different child never bothered me, most things and words that hurt normal children, passed over me as if it were a butterfly. The worldly thing adolescents craved for, didn’t have an interest for me because I had no interest in it. There were books and theories in my head that kept me occupied. Rocks were a collection of mine, just the ordinary river rock. I used to imagine where the rock had traveled from and what it has seen. It almost felt as if the sights of the rock would flow into my mind.
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