An Analysis of A Language Play Named The Tappy Calm Groceous Store

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1. Introduction Language play is a quite normal part of human behaviors (Crystal, 1996) and the advertisement poster, as a common form of language play, generally combine the literature play and graphical play successfully. This report will do some analysis about the form, meaning and use of The Tappy Calm Groceous Store, an advertisement poster created by some students to introduce their store in campus. They open the store because of the limited groceries in campus and hope to use this poster to promote market. (LE6E,2014) 2. Form and Meaning Language play occurs when the forms and functions of language are manipulated to realize some special aims.(Crystal, 1996) Therefore, analyzing the form and meaning of a language paly does an important role in understanding it. In the following part some analyses about the form and meaning of this language play will be given from linguistic and multimodal angle. 2.1 Linguistic Features 2.1.1 Shop name There is a quit interesting blending, Groceous that combines the word “Grocery” and “Gorgeous” meaning that this store sale the gorgeous grocery. This language play conveys nice meaning and is used naturally. In addition, according to the presentation, the Tappy Calm is an intertextuality of Happy Farm. (LE6E, 2014) However, it is not a quite excellent linguistic explanation. The definition of intertextuality is the relationship between texts, especially the literary ones (Oxford University Press, 2014). Nevertheless, concerning the Tappy Calm, on one hand, this phrase and shop do not have some special meaning related to happy farm, on the other hand, the word Tappy is not obvious to connect happy as a transliteration of a Chinese word “撻皮” which means a passive attitude and doing nothing in ... ... middle of paper ... ...basic information of the grocery store. (LE6E, 2014). In order to advertise and promote the grocery store, the colorful poster tries to raise the awareness of public and increase publicity. However, because of the multimodal disposition above mentioned., the practical use will be limited. 3.2 Psychological Use In term of the psychological use, it is possible that create some positive and happy feeling for the customers, because the colorful picture and interesting linguistic features. 4 Conclusion The advertisement poster called The Tappy Calm Groceous Store has a lot of language play features. The most linguistic features of the poster are quite successful and interesting. However, the multimodal features and holistic layout are not very effectual. Some improvement should be made to realize the promotion and advertising aim of the advertisement. Words: 1017

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