An Analysis Of Waste Land By Vik Muniz

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Mulue Kee Karr Professor Dr. Linda Eilene Sanchez Art 110-001 May 2, 2014 Waste Land Art can tell every single part of people’s daily lives from emotion, poverty, power, environment, even social context. For example, “Waste Land” is one of art pieces that invaded the lives of Brazilian garbage pickers. Vik Muniz completed Waste Land in 2010. He used textures that express the concept of reality. His painting skills created a work so precise that people could see the meaning behind the image very clearly. Vik Muniz was born into a working-class family in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was both artist and photographer. He is a successful artist in America. He is an artist that likes to combine everyday objects and transforms it into art. He used material such as dirt, sugar, garbage, and chocolate syrup for his painting. He had the talent to create art out of recycled materials. For example, one of his well-known paintings was “Waste land” made from the recycle materials, which helped people to see the social and environmental problem among Brazilian garbage picker society. Waste Land is both painting and documentary form. Before I saw the video, I never thought about how many pounds of garbage people produce each day. I was sure that most us did not think about the garbage that we threw away each day could cause a huge problem for our health and environment. One reason we did not see the garbage as a problem because we did not live near landfill. After I watched Waste Land by Vick Muniz’s, I realized that just because we did not see or smell the landfill did not mean there were not problems. Most of us thought when we throw out garbage it somehow would disappear. We did not realize that most of our trash ended up in landfill sites and pile... ... middle of paper ... ..., and circumstances. I really enjoyed this art appreciation class. Before I took this class, I did not understand anything about art language. I had no interest in art. After I had studied some of the artwork by different artist, my eyes were opening to the art world. I also learned a lot from this class because it helped me to see things in new ways. I also learned that I could not judge things by their appearance. Words cited "Film highlights Brazilian 'pickers'." UWIRE Text 1 Apr. 2014: 1. Academic OneFile. Web. 6 May 2014. "Movie review: Finding meaning in a Brazilian dump." UWIRE Text 10 Nov. 2010. Academic OneFile. Web. 6 May 2014. Tadajewski, Mark, and Kathy Hamilton. "Waste, Art and Social Change: Transformative Consumer Research Outside of the Academy?." Journal of Macromarketing (2013): 0276146713509631. Google Scholar. Web. 6 May 2014

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