What Are The Visual Techniques Used By Vik Munniz Waste Land

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Mulue Kee Karr Professor Dr. Linda Eilene Sanchez Art 110-001 May 2, 2014 Waste Land Art can tell every single part of people’s daily lives from emotion, poverty, power, environment, even social context. For example, “Waste Land” is one of art pieces that invaded the lives of Brazilian garbage pickers. Vik Muniz completed Waste Land in 2010. He used textures that express the concept of reality. His painting skills created a work so precise that people could see the meaning behind the image very clearly. Vik Muniz was born into a working-class family in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was both artist and photographer. He is a successful artist in America. He is an artist that likes to combine everyday objects and transforms it into art. He used material…show more content…
The second painting from Waste Land that I pick to analyze is the painting of a picker leaning his body against the garbage piles his head fall and his eyes are close like a dead man. His head covers with white cloth and his body surrounded by the different kind of garbage. This painting brings a sense of hazard and danger. The open landfill that full of the garbage gives the painting a sense of realism and the extremely large pile of garbage and different bright color on the objects make the focal point clearer. There is also a balance use of the colors of this painting. I can feel that working with the garbage not only is not fun, but also is can harmful to the body. The painting is easy to understand the meaning because the artist puts every detail on the painting. The garbage on the painting is so real because the artist uses the visual texture. Vik also uses different colors to describe different king of garbage. This painting the artist uses a narrative approach that is allows viewer to see a particular group of people lives through his artwork. The way the picture is painting, the viewer can tell that the artist is using a social context to represent the picker’s environment. The artist does a great job of presenting the life of picker. According to the Mark Tadajewski and Kathy Hamilton, the artist able to interprets the life of the picker very effectively on his painting, because he had an impoverished childhood himself so he understands the circumstances of the pickers (34). It seems Vik not only have a good relationship with the pickers, but also put a lot of effort working with this kind of environment. To me it seems like he puts commitment to indicate the Brazilian garbage pickers’ lives through his

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