An Analysis Of The Stratagem Of Socrates

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The Stratagem of Socrates
An Analysis of What Makes Socrates an Intriguing Person

What is the definite definition of justice? Cephalus would have argued it is paying what is owed. Polemarchus would have said it’s giving good to the good people and giving evil to your enemies. Thrasymachus would have said it’s nothing else than the interest of the stronger. Although Socrates would have said that justice is what gives you the advantage to be just and what gives you the disadvantage to be unjust. Socrates’ thinking in both Republic 1 and 2 is an eclectic representation of the ethical demands in ancient Athens, Socrates was deemed an intriguing man through his followers and is still one of the largest incendiaries of our time. Observing
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In the article “Socrates” on, Socrates is described- “His father Sophroniscus was a stonemason and his mother, Phaenarete, was a midwife. As a youth, he showed an appetite for learning.” Socrates was given a basic Greek education and he learned his fathers skills at a very early age. He became a sculptor like his father and then a philosopher, who truly just thought instead of taught. Socrates denied any sort of payment for teaching kids, and he became very poor. Although his un-wealth was seen only through the eyes of the society, not through is followers. Socrates, instead, began to what I presume as just walk around Athens and teach the youth about life and laws and real discipline. Socrates came from very little and he lived off of very little. Many times he was judged by the upper class for what he believed and what he thought. Socrates never took it as offensive, yes he might have realized that it was, but he never reacted aggressively. He was far more interested in the intellectual upbringing of the young minds in Athens. Coming from a normal to below average background Socrates proved that where you come from doesn’t make you who you