An Analysis Of The Poem 'She Walks In Beauty'

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She walks in Beauty
Two things that were noticeable to me in this poem were the author's creative rhyme scheme and use of words. A line that particularly stood out to me was “cloudless climes and starry skies” because it goes deep into the authors feeling and expresses the infinite amount of love he has for this girl. The final line in the poem “A heart whose love is innocent!” is also extremely powerful because of the exclamation point which establishes importance. It lets the reader know that his love is not just superficial. Once again you feel the authors emotion to some degree and sense the admiration he has for her is stronger that steel.
This poem is about beauty, or rather, someone who is beautiful both inside and out. The author is in awe with a woman who “walks in beauty”; it is because she seems so flawless. However, he is also in awe of her innocent heart and goodness as well. I like how he loves the way she is inside and out, his love doesn't just scratch the surface it goes deep and thorough. This is the kind of love I once had for someone. A love that made you wants to do anything for that person. However, unlike the woman in the poem, my girl was not beautiful all the way down to the core. He also mentions how his love in infinite which suggest that he would die for this girls happiness, that is the ultimate amount of love one can give and he would give it.

Hollow Men
I like how the poems opening line says, “We are the hollow men.” I think Eliot's is poking at the fact that conspiracies that try to overthrow the authority and government over a society just cause anarchy. This train of thought reminds me of another story with a plot that is an example of this. Shakespeare play “Julius Caesar,” Is a prime examp...

... middle of paper ... not believe him at all. At the start of the story Mr. Wordsworth told him of his father’s death and he could not believe it. He kept asking questions about the death finding it to be hard believed that a pig just fell and landed on him. Because of this odd circumstance due to the way his father died, Jerome has the fear of being teased because of this unfortunate occurrence.
I can’t even imagine what he is going through. I guess he is somewhat lucky he had someone like Sally so he could let out some of his feeling and talk about them in order to feel somewhat better about the situation. Sally did a good thing by doing this, I would know because I have done something similar by consoling a friend when he suffered a huge lost in his family. One thing I learn from the story is that when you lose someone that you love, people who are close to you will show you love.
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