An Analysis Of Snow White And Prince Charming

Once upon a time, there was two of the most known princesses and princes; Snow White and Prince Charming. They found love without looking for it, and fell in love in a way no one ever did. Their love was the purest of them all, and their heart was as kind as it could ever be. You may think, what could go wrong being Snow and Charming? Well… a lot of things… There were a lot of obstacles in their life, the biggest of them all being the Evil Queen. Her ultimate goal was to eliminate Snow because of something she had done in the past, but never got to end her because Charming always fought for the love of his life.
Time passed and Snow became pregnant. A prophecy said that Emma, Snow and Charming’s baby, was going to be a savior when she turned
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Six more months passed, and her life was a catastrophe. She never saw Neal again, she had no money, and was about to give birth to her baby. She went walking to the nearest hospital, and gave birth to her baby, Henry.
She wanted to give him up, because she thought he didn’t have a chance with her, because she saw herself as a miserable thief. Nurses tried to convince her to raise the baby, even if she had to do it all by herself. She grabbed Henry, looked at his sparkly and radiant little eyes and started to talk to him. Emma was smiling and for the first time in a very long time, she felt complete; but then it hit her again… she was only a thief. With grief, and tears in her face, she took her decision to give him up without any background history.
Thirteen years later, Emma became a police officer. She had left her thief life in the past, and had decided to make New York a better place for everyone to cohabit. It was a Sunday morning at 9:36 am when she heard a knock on her door… She opened it and a 13 year old boy, with brown hair and beautiful burnished color eyes saluted her and invited himself

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