An Analysis Of Sarah Lora's Imitation Of Life

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Have you realized how much the world plays a lot in racial background? Not everyone is the same, but isn 't that what makes all of us special? There are several movies that helped me to realize how important race is but the Imitation of Life spoke to me the most. Lora is a single white Broadway mother who met Annie and her daughter at a festival. Annie becomes the maid and a care taker of Lora’s daughter Suzie. Both mothers deal with motherhood and different ways. Lora wants to be famous and ruins her relationship with her daughter. Sarah Jane struggle with being black. Overall the purpose of Imitation of Life is to inform the differences between being black and white in America. When I think of motherhood the first thing that comes to my…show more content…
In the movie Imitation of Life Annie was a maid for Lora. She did not ask for money all she wanted was a place for her and Sarah Jane to stay. Lora did not force her to do anything but she insisted. Annie took care of Lora, Susie, and Sarah until she passed away. She had little time to take care of herself because she was always putting others first. She was more of a mother to Suzie because her mother was too busy in Broadway. However in most historical movies blacks worked for whites and were the care takers of their children. In Hollywood they only focused on white’s looking sophisticated in movies. Whites were not mistreated and usually played important roles. They were well taken care of because that’s how they thought America should be. Blacks were only used to make whites feel and look better as characters. As Sarah Jane grew older she felt that Lora was also trying to make her into a maid which made her feel worse. The black maid Annie was the main star in the movie. However she was not credited for her work because she was black. The majority made blacks feel useless because of their skin tone. White actors were more important in early history.

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