An Analysis Of Professor Jim Davies's 'Riveted'

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Riveted is a scholastic book that targets to explain the different supports of accomplishing his "compelling foundations theory". The author, Jim Davies, exposes the developmental foundations of why we find things compelling, such as religion. Compelling is a way of showing interest and attention. Professor Jim Davies extended theories on learning and how they relate to Theory of Mind. Jesse Bering, a cognitive scientist thinks that people’s religious beliefs come from humans’ formation of what Davies calls the Theory of Mind. Dr. Jesse Bering’s theory can be explained through the discussion of learning skills, learning disabilities and curiosity by exploring the ways that contribute to peoples’ established beliefs of religion.
Theory of Mind links to knowledge which is gained and used through learning, practicing and communicating with other specific individuals. Raised in a specific family and society plays a great role in
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“Religion is one of the things that most people hope or fear is true”, quoting Davies. Divergent topics such as religion tend to fascinate, interest and attract them. There are plenty of reasons why different religions are practiced around the world. A common reason for participating in religious practices is family upbringing. People become religious despite undergoing numerous changes from childhood to adult life. Religion is important to the way humanity learns and receives information. Religions have spread across numerous cultures and societies, which may contribute to the cultural change and the people’s education. Religious concepts play a major role in shaping the beliefs around the world, though religious scriptures can be interpreted as myths. Myths are stories that people tell themselves to clarify the world around us and the world within us. Religious practices, beliefs and myths are different ways people use to relate to and approach religious

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