An Analysis Of President George Washington's Farewell Address

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America had not long clutched independence before the American leaders attempted to proceed down the road of isolation. This can be seen as yet another huge landmark for the United States. A previous President, George Washington, proclaimed his farewells in a famous piece, the Farewell Address, not long before the famous Monroe Doctrine was spoken by Monroe in an attempt to create a separation from all foreign powers. These works can be considered courageous and indeed they are, but they are so much more, these speeches are the cornerstone of foreign policy. Washington’s speech gave Monroe the courage almost thirty years later to also also deny further colonization by European powers and in doing so proclaiming there would be consequences.…show more content…
He soon began writing his farewell address to the American people, a farewell he himself knew would be long remembered. It is well known that George Washington had underwent many conflicts, and with that comes the process of solving them. He was almost a mastermind when it came to this sort of thing. Washington had proved himself capable of making the country great, while leading the country through several crises, both foreign and domestic. Constitution documentation limiting the term of presidency did not yet exist during this time period, Washington could have continued his presidency many more years. His reason for leaving continues to be debated, and perhaps we will never learn his true reasoning. His farewell not only represented his goodbyes, but also offered his knowledge to the future, in hopes that even though he would not be in that office, that it would be run with the same mindset. Who knew that Washington’s Farewell Address would stand as a base of foreign policy for the next

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