An Analysis Of Pablo Nerudo's Tonight I Can Write

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On this night, everything is the same; just as the night before and the night to come. The moon comes up and goes down. However, when a powerful emotion is added, the night can become something more; a memory. Just with all human experiences, it becomes easier to remember an event with an emotion attached with it. The same goes for the writer, Pablo Nerudo. In his poem, Tonight I Can Write…, he tells the story of a lost love; while also showing the fact of how the night seems to repeat and yet goes on. Throughout the poem, Nerudo uses the literary device repetition to emphasize those words and phrases. One of the words repeated often throughout the entire poem is “night”. The word is used six times without counting the times used in “tonight”; the fact that he repeats this word shows how the heartbreak of one fateful night was able to effect all of the nights to follow. In his writing, he makes subtle changes to the use of the word as he progresses; there are four major instances when the word seems to shift in meaning. This shows the stages his…show more content…
All the hope and love seems to have been ripped away from the author. The text says, “The night is shattered and she is not with me.”(1422) This line is also stated in the beginning of the poem; however, at this time, the words does not seem to evoke the same feelings. In the beginning, this phrase did not have the authors’ story of the lost love to relate to. Therefore, when read at first, it just seemed to readers a sad line. With the emotional strife connected to the night; it becomes something more. Typically, when someone has just had a breakup, words such as broken and shattered are used to describe the proverbial heart. Their heart has been shattered by this end in the relationship. Therefore, in this instance, readers can believe that Nerudo may be describing the night by also describing himself; he is the night now and he has been shattered by this loss of
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