An Analysis Of ' Oedipus Complex ' Theory Of Forms '

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Archetypes have been around for thousands of years, dating back to at least Plato discussing his “Theory of Forms”. In a literary contexts we think of archetypes such as the hero, the mentor, the journey, or the initiation. When looked at from these perspectives it appears that there is nothing original to write about, but these archetypes are used over and over with much success. The reason is because the writer and the reader empathize with the archetypes. Take for example the Initiation archetype, also called the Coming of Age story, in it is the struggle of the young against the old in an attempt to obtain individuality, and freedom that reflects what Jungian psychologists call, a “father complex”, a type of subset to the oedipus complex, in the authors. What we consider the “Oedipus Complex” in which a man is at odds with his father and idolizes his mother has been around for thousands of years. In Greek mythology we find some of the earliest instances of it. For example in the beginning Gaia and Uranus ruled the universe and the mighty Titans. Uranus, imprisoned the children of Gaia, deep in the earth, and they caused her pain from their struggling. Due to the pain she made a sickle from flint, and offered it to her Titan children so they could castrate their father. Chronus accepted and did the deed. This plan alone offers ample symbolism, young titan Chronus, castrated his father very bluntly taking the manhood, and making himself king of the universe. Later the vicious cycle continues as he does the same thing his father did, therefore becoming his father, and his mother, and father prophecy, that one day his own son would overthrow him. Chronus is indeed overthrown by his own son, Zeus, who takes his place. In the “The... ... middle of paper ... In the novel this is present in the character of Lane Hardy, a carny that takes him under his wing to teach him the in’s and out’s of the carny life. A father son like relationship is formed, but in the end it is revealed that Lane is the Carny Killer. While his relationship with women is not the best, it is his relationship with a man that is from the beginning, a lie. In conclusion, all of these men and their stories have similar traits. Traits that draw correlations between fact and fantasy. Their own childhood experiences inspire the tales they weave about breaking expectations, and the dominance of the elder generation. These experiences may not be horrendous, or completely negative, but they do make them more prone to the father complex mentioned. Their minds express it in their use of the Coming of Age archetype as a way to give vent to these subtle issues

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