An Analysis Of Nilda, By Junot Diaz

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Young Yunior has a crush on his older brother, Rafa’s, girlfriend in Nilda,by Junot Diaz. Running from an alcoholic mother, Nilda often spends the night in the brothers’ shared bedroom, unbeknownst to their unsuspecting mother. Forced to keep the mother from becoming suspicious, Rafa and Nilda engage in sexual intercourse while the infatuated Yunior is pretending to sleep in the same room. The conflict occurs as Yunior tries to reconcile the innocent girl he became infatuated with to the new Nilda she becomes through her promiscuous sexual explorations. The conflict resolves itself as Yunior becomes aware that Nilda’s sexual explorations have led her down a self-destructive path which has changed her both physically and emotionally. The chief characters of the story are Nilda, Rafa, and Yunior, the narrator. Nilda, once a shy, insecure girl, “Before she’d gotten that chest” (Diaz 29), comes out of her shell as her body physically matures. Seeking attention, security, and even affection Nilda explores her sexuality, while in middle school, in a quest to fill the void left by he...

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