An Analysis Of My Senior Year In Mcgee's Class

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Response: Successes and Failures: An analysis of my senior year in McGee 's class Monkey mind is a concept Mr. McGee taught our Honors English class about our Junior year - a mind that wanders and is not capable of focusing on one topic for an allotted time. A mind that is incapable of sitting down, setting all worries and other obligations aside, and working only on what you need to, giving your mind 's full attention to that specific subject or topic. We were also taught about learning and how our mind actually learns and retains new information - it is found in the connections are mind makes between two different things, once our mind can connect what we 've learned with something else we 're almost bound to remember it. To…show more content…
Another major part of ensuring success is to prevent procrastination the best you possibly can. This has been difficult in this school year. The strengths of a school year are often found in a student 's ability to avoid procrastination at all costs - making good use of the week ends, completing what you are capable of on the school nights. All of the other involvements that take up my time are often an impediment to achieving my maximum capabilities in this Honors English class, though if a positive spin is put on it, these other obligations can also fuel and help my success. As the school year ends, I find it more and more difficult to have a positive attitude, though it is essential for learning and success. This school year has contained many weaknesses, again, procrastination has a great deal to do with these. Making good use of time is often difficult, especially considering the mental, emotional, and physical fatigue that senior year requires. Senior year is often a difficult time to keep straight A 's, keep a good morale, and to not completely give up in effort. Moreover, my senior year has wielded
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