An Analysis Of Mark Twain's 'Huckleberry Finn'

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Rough Draft of Huck Finn Essay: Prompt 5 Huckleberry Finn is a rebellious boy who defies the rules whenever he deems it fit. In the satirical novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, a runaway boy befriends an escaped slave in the deep south. The majority of society frowns upon Huck and his choices and he struggles with his decisions the whole novel to reveal thematic subjects such as friendship, love, and betrayal. Throughout the story Huck can’t decide whether to do the right thing or not, but ultimately his heart wins over the views forced upon him by society. From the start, Huck rejects the societal role placed upon him. Huck fights the strict moral and religious systems forced upon him by Miss Watson. “Huckleberry--why…show more content…
Huck is becoming fed up with the con men and their awful, hurtful plans. “And went off sobbing and swabbing, and giving the next woman a show. I never see anything so disgusting,” Huck is growing tired of the duke and king twisting unsuspecting people’s grief to become profitable (Twain 165). So far, Huck has tolerated their schemes, not agreeing and not disagreeing either. But this has gone too far, using a family in mourning is too much, even for Huck. Huck is able to see through the transparent scheme, but the people being conned never do, and Huck starts to feel slightly responsible. These con men push Huck to become a better person. Huck begins to see through the duke and the king’s plans and see how it really affects innocent people. “I says to myself, this is a girl that I’m letting him rob her of her money,” Huck knows that the Wilks girls are nice and will live an awful life without the money left to them (Twain 176). Huck struggles with this dilemma, because the girls, especially Mary Jane, are so sweet and unsuspecting, yet the con men are scary and Huck was going along with it. Huck eventually comes clean to Mary Jane which pits him against the con men, but helping these kind girls has become more important. Huck has become extremely fed up with the con men and their aliases, and finally takes a step against them. This is a case where Huck’s good nature really shines against…show more content…
Jim helps teach him right and wrong and they complete many adventures together. Huck eventually risks himself to free Jim, which is punishable by law. Together, they face armed robbers, horrible con men, and fatal family feuds. This may be a light-hearted adventure tale on the surface, but really examined it tells of the hypocrisy and horrid racial divisions in the
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