An Analysis Of James Joyce's The Dead

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An Analysis James Joyce’s “The Dead”
There have been many prominent authors in the past years. These authors shaped the style of writing one knows today. James Joyce is known as one of these prominent authors. In fact, Janet Witalec the editor of Short Story Criticism points out that “Joyce is considered one of the most influential literary figures of the first half of the twentieth century” (194). This quality is due to works such as “The Dead.” “The Dead” is similar to many of his works. James Joyce’s “The Dead” is a typical work in setting, modernist form, epiphanic form, and a departure in tone.
“The Dead” is a typical work in setting, middle class Dublin. This setting is a typical characteristic of James Joyce. Sydney J. Jones sates in Authors
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Robert Kaplan in “Madness and James Joyce” points out that James Joyce is known as “the finest modernist writer of his time” (172). The specific technique of Joyce’s modernism is his stream-of-consciousness. However, some critiques believe this stream-of-consciousness in no more than madness (Kaplan 172). Whether or not this is true, it is a typical characteristic of Joyce. In “The Dead” there are several examples of this steam of consciousness. One of them being the reader has unlimited access to the flow of Gabriel´s thoughts and feelings when he is leaving the party with his wife Gretta. Joyce states “he had felt proud and happy then, happy that she was his, proud of her grace and wifely carriage. But now, after the kindling again of so many memories, the first touch of her body, musical and strange and perfumed, sent through him a keen pang of lust” (706). This is just one of many examples of the stream of consciousness the reader can see throughout “The Dead.” This shows that Joyce clearly uses modernism in “The Dead.” Though modernism is a typical characteristic, there is another typical characteristic Joyce utilizes in this

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