An Analysis Of Indian English Novelism In The Foreigner By Arun Joshi

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Of all the Indian English Novelists of today, Arun Joshi can truly be said to gain recognition. Joshi came into limelight with the publication of his very first novel, ‘The Foreigner’ which appeared in 1968. Joshi’s primary concern is with man’s anguished effort to find moorings for himself in the tumultuous sea of life. What is presented in Arun Joshi’s novels is not the common place East-West encounter but a poignant picture of ‘Angst’. The novel meets the needs of the modern world more boldly than poetry or drama. The novel The Foreigner reflects both constructive and disintegrating phases of contemporary society. Recently there has been a growing interest among the Indian novelists in English to present the experience of the modern predicament. As the novels after 1950s began to shift from the public to the private sphere and began to delineate the individual’s quest for the self in all its varied and complex forms and his problems and crises, Arun Joshi is in search for new themes renounced the larger…show more content…
It deals with the life of Sindi, a young man, in search of life. Sindhi was a perfect foreigner. He was not only a foreigner to the two cultures between which he shuttled but also to his soul. He was an orphan both in terms of relations and his emotional roots. He was brought up by his uncle who was settled in Kenya and believed that to love is to invite others to break out heart (69). Being the son of a mixed parentage i.e., his mother a British national and his father a Kenyan Indian, Sindi knows that he doesn’t belong anywhere. His entire view of life and responses are coloured by his childhood deprivation of love from his parents. Therefore he entertained a deep sense of insecurity, unreality and impermanance about things. His definition of his life is that of a lone journey in total darkness where twenty five years are largely wasted in search of wrong things in wrong places.

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