An Analysis Of Imagery In Wherever I Go By Jack Robinson

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The essay that appealed the most to me is “Wherever I Go” because Jack Robinson personalized his essay in a way that remembered me of my own childhood. His use of imagery made me feel like i was watching a movie in fast forward of his transformation from boyhood to adulthood. His opening paragraph invites me to read more because I can see him grazing his fingertips, feel the heat from the radiator, and hear the christmas wreath scraping the panes of his window. Particularly, i liked how he included his cousin dying to show the struggles he experienced in this tiny room while growing up. Moreover, i appreciated how he added a life lesson. He stated, “While uncertainty carries with it a measure of fear, it also carries possibilities of new beginnings”.…show more content…
Jack Robinson includes imagery when he states “The radiator next to my bed always provided the perfect amount of heat during the winter months”. The effect of this rhetorical device is that it appeals to my senses. It makes me feel the heat of his radiator, see his dad starting his business, and hearing his parents discuss the death of his cousin megan. His description of christmas makes me envision my own family and childhood. He also allows me to step into his own shows and transition to adulthood with him. Moreover, his choice of words draws me in because he makes it simple to read and feel warm and nostalgic. Lastly, his appeal to sadness by including the death of his cousin megan and his move to his grandmother 's house made me connect with him on an emotional level. In the essay “A Stranger in the Homeland” the rhetorical devices included were imagery, anachrony, conduplicatio, and pathos. The author states “...I photographed an old woman selling bread to a farmer…”. Her use of imagery made me see what she was experiencing through her camera lense. The imagery makes the reader see why the author was so eager to engage in her culture because she describes Palestine beautifully. Moreover, the author appeals to pathos by stating “...I was a foreigner in my own homeland”. The pathos effects the readers by filling them with sorrow and sympathy for someone who cannot…show more content…
His old room reminds him of his childhood and is the epitome of what a home should feel like. His conclusion was emotionally moving because he states “ insight on life carries on wherever I go, to whatever walls i 'm surrounded by”. The conclusion of the second essay is satisfying because it ends with the lesson she learned through her struggle and how photography had changed her life. She states, “ understand the world from more than one perspective”.
The writer of the first essay to improve his writing, could include details of his new bedroom so that readers may compare it to the small bedroom. By adding the description of the bigger room, the readers can see why he will always take the smaller room with him wherever he goes. The writer of the second essay to improve her wtiting, could improve her introduction by making it more lively. Her introduction needs to draw the readers in and make them want to keep reading. Also, I beleive that she needs to take a risk in her writing to make it more interesting the way the first writer
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