An Analysis Of Frank Mullin's Love In The Time Of Robots

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Imagine having a grandparent in a nursing home. They have dementia, and not many other family members can make time to come visit often. Thus, loneliness ensues, so the head of the nursing home decides that it would be wise to use a robot pet to soothe their pain. Alarmingly, they believe the robotic companion is a real animal, and the nursing home workers have been advised not to tell them otherwise. Does this seem ethical? How would the loved one feel if they find out that the animal is, in fact, a computer inside of a furry robot exoskeleton coded to show love and attention? These computerized companions were invented purely for fun. Others are used to soothe the elderly. One of the first in the world of these pets, a robotic seal named Paro was created after over a decade of work and millions of dollars in investments. They are coded to show love and companionship, designed for kids and older people alike. Robotic pets are unwelcome because they don’t teach responsibility to children, can isolate others from human interaction, and can be unnerving to others. Initially, the technological toys in question do not teach their owners the importance of responsibility. Consider the following question Frank Mullin poses in his article Love In the Time of Robots: “...what does a child…show more content…
In the video, the manager of the nursing home featured admitted that the family members of some of the elderly were disconcerted to see that their loved one believed that their robot companion was real. This is a legitimate concern because the members of the family may not want this for their elders. In contrast, these robots are proven to give comfort to those that use them. Elena Shoto conveys that robotic pets “...lowered stress levels and increase happiness.” This may be true, however it does not change the fact that many people are unsettled by robotic toys. As can be seen, they just aren't the same as flesh and blood

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