An Analysis Of Feminism

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We live in the modern society where women can vote, work, have access to birth control, freedom of speech, and be independent. However, two articles written by feminist writers Jessica Valenti and bell hooks demonstrate that feminism still exist because of an inevitable inequality that women face in the society. Both writers are convinced that most of the people do not really know what feminism is about or they do not look at it closer in order to be able to understand the purpose of this movement. According to them, feminism is not about being anti-men and spreading hatred towards males as many individuals claim. As bell hooks states in her article “[…] I tend to hear about the evil of feminism […] how ‘they’ hate men […]” (11). Feminism does…show more content…
Jessica Valenti also supports the idea of people misunderstanding feminist movement “For some reason, feminism is seen as super anti: anti-men, anti-sex, anti-sexism, anti-everything” (2). She argues that feminism does not attempt to go against something or someone, but to make people feel better of who they are and what they can do in life. Feminism is about making people be proud of who they are and “to see through the bullshit that would make [them] think there’s something wrong with [them]” just because someone said so. Thus, both writers’ definitions of feminism exclude the common incorrect belief that feminism is directed against men. However, while bell hooks sees feminism as one of the ways “to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression” (13), Jessica Valenti claims that feminism helps women to fight stereotypes they face and feel more confident in spite of the…show more content…
Before I thought that feminism is about being like a man: being able to do the work they do, being independent, strong and self-sufficient, being able to protect themselves and live the life they want without being accused or blamed of doing something wrong. However not I understand that the core of feminism is about being equal and have freedom of choices. Women should not be discriminated or excluded from work places or communities because of the gender differences. Women should not be sexually abused or oppressed. Woman should not
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