An Analysis Of Family Is Family By Kacey Musgraves

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I picked the song “Family is Family” by Kacey Musgraves because the way she talks about her family relates to me personally and Conley. The song hits me hard personally for many reasons. First, many items and events that happen have happened to me. Second, my family is far from perfect and in this song, she gives imperfections along with great qualities my family has. Third, my family is a huge support system. We are always there for each other in any way, shape or form. In a sociological manner, this song can be related to all family types whether divorced, married, or remarried. This song fits the chapter because it talks about relationships between family. Along with that it talks about marriage and divorce just like Conley does. Conley states, “Preindustrial communities didn’t have huge savings banks, insurance companies, payday lenders, or government agencies to help in hard times; that was the role of the family” (Conley 463). Unlike today we have all of those amenities but we also have our family to count on as well. At the beginning of the song Musgraves says, They're there for your first year, they give you your first beer, when you get your heart broke, they're there for your worst year. What she means by this is that any milestone you have or struggle you always have your family to fall back on. Things like having your first beer, heart ache, or just having a rough patch your family is always the first people that bring that experience to you and you can rely on. Conley talks about how mothers tend to be the ones that take care of this around the house while as the fathers tend to spend time with their children (Conley 473). Conley uses the term “second shift” frequently when discussing this topic. What second shift ... ... middle of paper ... ...ery relatable to the sociological standpoint about family. This song relates to me in all aspects and I always enjoy listening to this song because it makes me think about what means the most to me, which is my family. This song hits close to home because the experiences she projects in the song I has happened to me or one of my family members at some point. Reading this chapter helped me build a strong perspective about the song that all families go through something, but what this song and sociological references taught me that no matter what, no matter how old you are you always have your family and to never forget that. What I have learned about sociology through this assignment is that sociology surrounds us daily and I didn’t realize that. When I thought of sociology I thought of it more as how societies work and how they have changed but it is more than that.

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