An Analysis Of Escaping The Western Diet

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Have you ever felt sluggish and tired after a big meal? Ever wondered why? Food is supposed to give the body energy, and yet after a big meal most feel in need of a rest. This is due what has been put into our food by the food industry. Every day this industry causes multitudes of health issues, increases the wealth of select companies, and has a huge effect on our environment. Throughout the essay I will be stating why it is best for our health, economic system, and our environment to ban industrialized food. We as humans strive to stay in the best shape we can within our own means. In today 's society, even if a person does work extensively to get in shape, they are faced with many obstacles that most end up giving into. The main obstacle…show more content…
Are they even truly safe for our consumption? Pollan also goes on to tell us how the food industry would rather continue testing products and their levels of sugar, sodium, etc, rather than radically change the system they have striven to create. As a result, we have created a healthcare system that pushes pills on people who are affected by the health issues derived from the industrialized food they have eaten for so many years. Pollan talks in-depth about this issue, and how doctors profit from pushing new medications on to patients to help with their diagnoses. Which in turn often cause even more health issues. When these doctors could be helping patients by suggesting a better diet in…show more content…
However do we ever stop and think how this could be affecting our environment? The industrialized food industry has been, and continues to poison our Earth from its soil, to its wild life. In an article by Carolyn Denton called “How are Food and the Environment related?”, she talks a lot about how this industry is responsible for many unnatural phenomenons. One example of this being the lack of nutrients within the soil and food products. Denton states that “we are squandering the nutrients taken from the soil”. This is due to commercial fertilizers focusing on the basic soil nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium . However, they leave out tons of other vital elements needed for healthy foods. In the article Denton also speaks about “the effects of pesticides and fertilizers on natural wildlife and our water supply”. An example given in the article is of the “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico. Where the wild life is unable to sustain in such conditions, due to the chemicals that flow from the Mississippi river. These poisons are now in our food, water, soil, and animal life. How much longer are we going to let this continue? The industrialized food industry is causing damage to our mother Earth, and should be banned from continuing its

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