An Analysis Of Drive By Daniel H. Pink

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Drive for the Future In the book Drive by Daniel H. Pink his argument is how motivation 3.0 differs from motivation 2.0 and how there is type I behavior as well as type X behavior. Type I behavior was people with intrinsic motivation who did not look for rewards to complete their tasks or assignments. Type X behavior was people with extrinsic motivation who need a reward to complete what they are asked. Motivation 2.0 was an operating system that used the method of “carrots and sticks” to either promote good behavior or greater progress in businesses. Through this method people were offered a reward for completing their task or a punishment if they failed to complete it. At the beginning it worked well, but then our economy started changing…show more content…
Without creativity people would not put effort into something that did not include a reward. As Deci and Ryan report, “Autonomous motivation involves behaving with the full sense of volition and choice, they write, whereas controlled motivation involves behaving with the experience of pressure and demand toward specific outcomes that comes from forces perceived to the external to the self (Pink 88).” I reaffirm what Deci and Ryan said about autonomous and controlled motivation because I myself am an autonomous person who enjoys having the freedom of choosing what I feel is right. Motivation 3.0 has many elements that help you understand what it is and why it is labeled…show more content…
Autonomy gives you a full sense of volition and choice. In my future career, marketing, I will use autonomy depending on how my work regulations are. If my work regulations permit me I plan on working where I want and how I want. As Pink claims, “Where motivation 2.0 sought compliance, Motivation 3.0 seeks engagement (109).” I agree that mastery is being able to do something perfectly well and that the main key to mastery is engagement. In order to be at my best for the job I plan on learning everyday either from experiences or from coworkers to further my career. Also sticking to one thing until I complete it before I start the next. Purpose is activation energy for living, in other words whatever motivates me to do something. My purpose in the future will be my family and giving them everything they
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