An Analysis Of David Sedaris And Boy's Life

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David Sedaris wrote this story because he desires that his audience accept their own identity. For starters, he discusses how he was arranged for a speech therapist and his experiences throughout these sessions. During his geography class, an agent came into the classroom. The teacher told Sedaris that her name was Miss Samson, and that he must leave with her. The fact that none of his peers were told to leave as well led him to conclude that he was going to be disciplined for one of his crimes, such as setting fire to a “fireproof” Halloween costume and stealing barbecue tongs. As he was following her, Samson asked an outwardly normal question,”So, which do you like better, State or Carolina?” He responded with “State” and she asked another…show more content…
This demonstrates how they repudiated their own identities in order to conform to the single story of man in society. Unfortunately, the fact they had a speech defect branded them as failures by society, for men cannot have any imperfections whatsoever. Ultimately, it made him fathom that therapy sessions were meant for homosexuals with lisps. Furthermore, to promote the perception that he was a normal person, he assimilated new vocabulary that didn’t use the letter s to conceal his lisp from other people. For instance, rather than saying “yes”, he replaced it with “affirmative”. Also, instead of “please”, he substituted with “with your kind permission”. Furthermore, Samson had a tape recorder to demonstrate what Sedaris was pronouncing incorrectly. When Sedaris listened to his voice, he comprehended how high-pitched and girlish it
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