An Analysis Of Courage

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An Analysis of Courage the Cowardly Dog
The emphasis on the unconscious mind was most notable to those who contributed to the different areas of the psychodynamic theories. One notable individual is Carl Jung, who established Analytical Psychology and one of its subcomponents includes the universal archetypes. One character's personality in particular, Courage from "Courage the Cowardly Dog" can be analyzed using Jung's universal archetypes. The synopsis of this animation includes the vast, barren land possibly in the middle of nowhere in Kansas, where a rundown farmhouse stands, home to a small purple dog named Courage. Throughout each episode, Courage endures bizarre situations to come to his owners rescue, protecting them from villains who come from the unknown.
Courage is a small purple dog that has the capability to perceive danger and anything out of the ordinary. Courage small size does not stop him from rescuing his owners despite the fact he is scared of the situation himself. In frightening situations, Courage will oftentimes express thoughts of hopelessness and doubts. In addition, Courage is very expressive in his gestures, easily frightened, and very anxious as noted in a few episodes where he is shown screaming. Courage also possess human qualities such as talking, ability to operate a computer, showing affection for his owners, and having virtues. Furthermore, when compared to other characters on the show, courage is the only one who knows what is going on but does not cope well when troubled. These behaviors include negative thoughts and the frantic gestures when trying to warn his owners Muriel and Eustace of danger. Furthermore, Courage's past is unknown and the only details revealed is that his parents were s...

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...nment. Courage's owners do not take him for a walk as courage is shown always inside the house or on the porch (unless he is saving them). Courage is also shown to be afraid of birds because they always make fun of him. Courage is also afraid of his shadow and is not naive as he is fully aware of the villains intentions. Courage is also shown trying to reach perfection in the episode titled "Perfection".
In conclusion, acts of devotion, loyalty, wisdom, bravery, and courageousness, are all what makes Courage posses the hero, the sage, and the faithful hound archetypes. The need for perfection and full awareness is what makes Courage lack the child archetype. In terms of Carl Jung's theory, these archetypal models are what makes Courage who he is but they are also what makes individuals in this world analogous to each other in terms of Jung's universal archetypes.
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