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The Coca-Cola company was founded on January 29th, 1892, which means they have been changing how they appeal their products to consumers for over a century. Marketers constantly change their craft to appeal their product to new consumers coming of age. In the past century since Coca-Cola was founded, they have had to appeal to over eight generations. Marketers are constantly studying consumers so they know how to appeal to those they are trying to sell to. Currently, Coca-Cola’s new commercials are all aimed to appeal to Millennials and Generation Z, who struggle with making connections and talking to new people. Although, Coca-Cola is trying to sell their product to consumers; they are also encouraging Gen Z and Millennials to break the ice…show more content…
In the commercial, the two main characters are a young male and female who are attracted to each other. Society would consider the young male to be a little dorky and shy, as opposed to the girl who is beautiful and radiant regardless, both teens are gorgeous people of color. Coca-Cola is using their kairos to appeal to a greater audience of mixed races. They cast individuals who fit within the lines of America’s beauty standards, because to a consumer it is more appealing to the eye to watch a commercial with someone who society considers beautiful in it as opposed to someone unattractive. Coca-Cola wants to grasp at the audience's emotions using a romance of two teens on a different status level according to society’s beauty standards. In the commercial they are both drawn to each other, but always fail to grasp the other's attention to start a conversation because of obstacles that repeatedly come…show more content…
Coca-Cola uses warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow to play off of the beach theme. Coca-Cola made the creative decision to use those warm colors because they evoke specific emotions inside unassuming consumers that help them convey their message. Warm colors arouse feelings of happiness, optimism, and energy. In terms of the general psychology of color, red is often associated with passion and love as well as anger and danger. Coca-Cola was playing with the passion and love aspect of red to further develop the love story between the two main characters. For this reason, they also play with orange and yellow to create vitality, happiness, laughter, and hope inside the viewer. Yellow, which creates hope, can relate to the crush between the two adolescents. A crush is a brief but intense moment of infatuation for someone. When teenagers have a crush on someone they often hope for any chance to talk to them, which relates to the choice of using yellow. The lighting and colors set the perfect atmosphere for a simple conversation between the boy and the girl (Shares 0:55). The colors create passion, laughter, and happiness which can pull people together to bond over an ice cold

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