An Analysis Of 'Catfish In The Bathtub'

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Outline: Thesis: Both of the authors’ experiences adhere to three different criterions: they both cite one main issue, a different tone and a different out coming purpose. These three measures present some similarities and differences between the articles. I-Ideas, or main issues A- The alikeness in rejection of their Chinese Heritage. 1-The author’s struggle and disinterest to learn her native Language; “The Struggle to be an All American Girl”. 2-The author’s strong reaction of distaste towards her native food; “Catfish in the Bathtub”. B- The differences in coping with that rejection. 1- The author blatantly rejects it, and even mockes her mother’s heavy accent; “The Struggle to be an All American Girl” 2-Although she is forced to eat the…show more content…
For one thing, in “The Struggle of being an All American girl”, Wong has a mocking resonance towards her Chinese School and language: “The language was a source of embarrassment” and her Grandmas action. That mocking accent inflicts a slight sense of superiority towards her other siblings who don’t speak the language as well as her or her brother. Also, in “Catfish in the Bathtub”, Kingston’s tone is that of revulsion and horror. She uses a pitiful emphasis as well to let the reader experience the scarring experience she has been through. But towards the end of both texts, we can see a difference between the tones of Wong and Kingston’s outcomes. First of all Wong has a tone of relief and satisfaction when she is finally permitted to stop attending the Chinese school: “I finally was granted a cultural divorce. I was permitted to stop Chinese school.”. However, that tone is slowly transformed into that of regret when she finally admits that she is now part of the “American Herd” and lost all of her multicultural roots: “Sadly I still am”. On the other hand, Kingston is scared of that experience. She uses an aggressive and fearful tone to emphasize her subtlety and restraint from showing her feelings: “ “I would never listen voluntarily”. Nonetheless, she never spoke up: “Not once did I say “Stop

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