An Analysis Of Cartoons

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Cartoons are witty and humorous. Usually, they tell a point to the audience using symbolism, sarcasm, and humor as their tools. Some cartoons comment on politics while some others comment on science, and entertainment. A large chunk of cartoons are created with the sole intent to entertain the readers. In this cartoon, Marshall Ramsey hilariously draws a comparison between the rising obesity levels and gas prices using symbolism, analogy, and exaggeration. The rise in obesity levels and gas prices poses a grave concern to the economy and the society at large. Marshall tries to bring out this message in his cartoon.
In this cartoon, Ramsey uses symbolism, analogy, and exaggeration to drive his point. The gas pump, car, and person are some of the important elements in this cartoon. The yellow colored gas pump is short and portly in stature compared to its normal dimensions. Thus, Ramsey slightly exaggerated the look of the gas pump. However, he did this to form an analogy between the portly gas pump and an obese person. This results in an interesting and funny looking gas pump. Moreove...
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