An Analysis Of Business To Business (B2B)

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Business to business (B2B)
Nigel (2012) affirms that in the business to business tactical approach, transactions are conducted among businesses, suppliers, manufacturers, producers and so forth. Businesses that internalize the business to business approach in online transactions operate within a direct approach between their partnership businesses. As such, in online business approach, the model may be characterized by;
• Purchases and sales among suppliers in regards to raw materials and products needed by manufacturers
• Distribution chain management between a business and its major distributor
• Exclusive service delivery among businesses
Nigel (2012) further emphasizes that B2B model of operation is more formalized as compared to B2C since a contractually based online transaction is incorporated. Admittedly Nigel (2012) affirms that through a B2B model, a business invests less into marketing and extensive website optimization initiatives.
Business to consumer (B2C)
A business to consumer approach in operation is based on a holistic mandate in conducting the online transactions. Consumers are offered products within an online platform coupled with various services offered by the business (Graig 2012). As such, businesses, especially within the retail industry, invest into a
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Evaluation of the potential of e-business as a channel to US’s consumer market: Levenburg (2013) asserts that for the retail businesses to maintain successful e-business approach, it is imperative they comprehend the novel channel. The fundamental comprehension of the multi-channel based transaction frontier is imperative to sustain a proper evaluation of e-business’s impact on the consumer market. It is imperative that retail businesses how the internet can be geared to deliver beneficial outcomes in regards to tapping into the consumer market. The changing operational structures are equally pivotal for evaluation especially the notion of supply chain operational shifts (Graig
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