An Analysis Of Bernie Sander's Speech

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In the world of simple politics and presidential candidates, there are seldom candidates who rein the qualities of a worthy president. In this harsh reality of consequence, many in this country believe in candidates who spew utter nonsense or simply applicants who do not deliver fine speeches. Some who run for president even get the public to believe in things that they will never do. These lies are all for the votes. Even so, their speeches are the most important. A speech not only needs compassion and truth, but reality. However, there is one candidate, known as Bernie Sanders who is qualified for being one of the best speech givers and people running for president. Bernie is unlike most runners in many ways. He not only pursues the people,…show more content…
Every word, action and judgment is important for each candidate’s speech, which is why Bernie Sander’s speeches are some of the most convincing in this argument. The first color of his speeches are a vibrant, bright attitude. He displays pure passion towards his peers. He shows the power of feeling fear, anger and confidence towards his beliefs. He does not say anything in his speeches that he would not take to heart. The second color of his speeches is a dark, crimson shade of responsibility. He would always take full support and consequence for the things he said, and he knew that he had a job to keep afoot for the country. He responsibly kept his word for his promotions, and knew not to promise things that were surreal. He was ready to pursue his words into actions. The way he perceived ideas in his speech were realistic and doable. In this last color of speech, Bernie Sanders displays a bright, tender respect towards his fellow audience. He understood that everyone is different and that equality matters, no matter what shape, size, color or gender. Bernie goes as far as to even accept sexuality in everyone’s perspective. In any rational opinion, a candidate who accepts his own crowd is a candidate worth the cause. All of these colors Bernie represents in his speeches prove to why his speeches are so convincing in today’s society. These speeches pursue action, emotion and individuality. A legendary speech needs these qualities in order to be worthwhile. A speech is everything, no matter what situation it is. Speeches need the correct formulas in order to make an impact; an actual difference. A difference is what everyone wants, after

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