An Analysis Of Ben Wetherbee's 'Branded'

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Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour are common household names for clothing and sports accessories. Walking in to about any building you will see a name brand of some product or clothing item. We recognize these items by their brand name at the drop of a hat, but what makes that particularly brand better than others. Ben Wetherbee made it very clear in his essay “Branded” that logos are terrible and big companies are the enemy. This problem has negatively affected our society because of peer pressure, advertising, and CEOs of companies. Ben Wetherbee is very clear in his essay “Branded” that logos and their corresponding companies are the enemy and a huge contributor to our corrupt society. He discusses further about how our generation is consumed…show more content…
No one wants to be the odd one out, because people like to be accepted in general. If working your way up the social ladder is to buy the newest and most expensive clothes, most adolescents do this. Children also do this but the difference is, they do it subconsciously. By seeing other children with certain brands, they remember that “so and so” wore that and he/she is my friend, so I have to have it too. From a young age, peer pressure has been evident in our lives with us knowing it or not. Wetherbee shows us that, “one can hardly set foot in a public school’s hallway without drowning under a barrage of geometric homage to capitalism” (483). This just shows again how adolescents conform to their peers in order to fit…show more content…
He takes the stand that we are not property and should not be owned by a company. In the past, logos haven’t been a definition of a culture; the definition was the style of the clothing. “Past generations have used symbols effectively to represent specific movements and ideas; they have personalized symbols” (487). Their symbols had a purpose and represented something bigger than a company with expensive shoes. He is sick and tired of our generation being suckers to the advertising ploys of big companies. They take advantage of us and attack our weaknesses to convince us to buy that
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