An Analysis Of Banksy Mobile Lovers

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Our world as we knew it changed in 1992, the first official smartphone was introduced. Over the past decade cell phones have managed to endorse themselves and gradually becoming part of our lives and is illustrated in Angel Boligan’s Winner in Football Section cartoon and in Banksy Mobile Lovers painting. The Boligan cartoon set the theme for Banksy Mobile Lovers by introducing a setting that demonstrates our younger generation now. The Banksy Mobile Lovers then illustrates our young generation all grown up and matured lacking an immense amount of life and color. In both pieces the artist shows us exactly what kind of future our upcoming generation has to bargain for. For instance, in Winner in Football Section you identify the young boy who…show more content…
cell phone binary is intriguing, considering both the cartoon and the painting portray cell phones taking over our world. In Boligan’s cartoon he gives us a string of aspiration, a young boy cell phone free dressed in a bright red and blue uniform full of color and life, while in Banksy the two individuals are madly in love and even though they are staring at their cell phones something special brought those two together. In Boligan, the center of the circle, outlined by benches occupied by children sitting in the darker shaded area, is brighter revealing the young boys’ sports attire in bright colors with and his discontent facial expression, while the children sitting on the benches are dark with no color and no facial expressions due to the fact that they are all looking down. It is very obvious to spot the darkness these children are displaying considering when you glance past them you see the trees and grass, revealing a beautiful green color full of life, comparable to the young boy standing with his soccer ball under his left foot. Correspondingly, in the Banksy Mobile Lovers, the way the couple appears very alive and intrigued at what the cell phone screen may portray, their individual facial expressions are bland, black and white with no color implying what would follow Boligan’s cartoon in our near future. While Boligan’s cartoon displays our current, upcoming generation being taken over by cell phones sitting in the dark an away from the center, however giving us a string of hope by placing one young boy in the center where there is light and color, illustrating that even though we are slowly giving into technological advancement our children can still be saved from drowning into a dark world where the only light they will view is the one coming from their cell phone. Although, in doing this, both artists may also imply that it may possibly be too late to rescue our young generation if we don’t take immediate action.

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