An Analysis Of Artemis And Katniss

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Artemis and Katniss were characterized as rebellious women by the societal norms of that time, but where Artemis is childlike and stubborn, Katniss is level headed and mature which shows how feminism has redefined what it means to be an independent woman. The transition from Artemis to Katniss has been influenced by an increase of female characters breaking out of their traditional gender roles and male oppression. Artemis and Katniss have situated themselves into roles that are traditionally taken up by men while also maintaining the traditional roles of being a woman. Artemis has protected her mother since the day she was born. Without an involved father it was up to Artemis to protect her mother. When Niobe claimed to be better than Leto,…show more content…
Artemis is a nurturer and it can be seen when she cares for women in labor or for the wildlife, but her brutal execution of Acteon isn’t normally seen as a characteristic given to women. Katniss is much like Artemis when it comes to protecting and providing for her family. Katniss rebels against the rules to hunt for her family and provide them with what they need. After her father died she became the main breadwinner even though she was only 11 years old. Katniss even goes as far as to become the knight in shining armor for Peeta when she voluntarily goes to the cornucopia to get medicine for him. Women have been put into one of the two main groups by men which are “...’the angel in the house’... and ‘the madwoman in the attic'..." for years (Dobie 100). This explains why Artemis became the goddess of contradictions because as her story was retold it was being manipulated to show how the story teller of that time felt towards Artemis and her stories. If “...the Greeks identified Artemis with nature divinities of their own” then it makes sense that other cultures would define Artemis as what they thought she…show more content…
Katniss rebel archetype developed out of necessity rather than an inherent defiance. Katniss didn’t follow the District 12 rules of no hunting and its rules on illegal black market selling, because she needed to provide for her family. Her rebellion against the districts as a whole was methodical. She didn’t show her disdain for the Hunger Games right away because she knew that it wouldn’t have been beneficial to outright disrespect them. Artemis rebel archetype is more of a child not wanting to listen to their parents rather than rebelling to make a change. Artemis is an “...utterly unforgiving and vengeful being...” so just like a child who is wronged she needs to make them pay (New Webb). As a goddess Artemis was an all powerful supernatural being, but even then she decided to rebel against being just a woman. Zeus had many children with a lot of different women, but Apollo and Artemis were his only children that became a part of the 12 Olympians. Being the only daughter of Zeus to have such divine powers it would make sense that she would want to please him so that he would acknowledge her. She wanted to remain as his little girl, so that could be why she had asked him to grant her eternal virginity, so she could stay pure and

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